CUSTOM-102 - CARGO CG2050 7.2v 800 mAh NICAD Replacement Battery by BatteryTex

Price: $32.95

Replacement for:CARGO
Battery Model:CG2050

Battery Specifications and Description

Replacement for: CARGO    Battery/Item: CUSTOM-102
Model/Product: CG2050    Volts: 7.2
mAh or Ah: 800    Composition: NICAD
Dimension:     Connector:

Discover the CG2050 Battery Replacement for the CARGO CUSTOM-102 battery. A powerful & reliable NiCad battery.

Discover the CG2050 Battery Replacement - your reliable power solution meticulously designed to replace the CARGO CUSTOM-102 battery. Energize your devices with this high-performance NiCad battery.

With a voltage of 7.2 and a capacity of 800mAh, this battery ensures a dependable and long-lasting performance for all your electronic gadgets. Its advanced NiCad composition guarantees efficiency and endurance, making it an optimal choice for various applications.

Upgrade your power source with the CG2050 Battery Replacement. Whether it's for your Model/Product CG2050 or any other compatible device, this battery delivers a seamless flow of power to keep your gadgets running smoothly.

Say goodbye to battery worries, as the CG2050 Battery Replacement provides reliable and consistent performance. Its robust NiCad build ensures durability and resilience.

Get the CG2050 Battery Replacement now and experience the uninterrupted power supply for all your electronic needs! Don't compromise on performance - choose the trusted reliability of NiCad technology for your devices.

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