Free Shipping Policy

Free USPS Priority domestic shipping when your order total is $75 or more!  (Some restrictions apply, please see below.)


1. Our offer of free shipping for orders of at least $75 does not apply to batteries in the following categories, as a result of excessive weight: Emergency Lighting, Gel, Lead Acid, Motorcycle and Powersports, Odyssey, UPS Backup, Sealed Lead Acid, Laptop, and Medical. 

2. The following batteries require strict shipping and handling according to HAZMAT and therefore accrue an additional charge of $45: LITH-13; LITH-13-1; LITH-14 SAFT, LITH-14-1 SAFT; LITH-15 SAFT; LITH-15-1 SAFT; LITH-36; LITH-36-1; LITH-37; LITH-37-1; LITH-16; LITH-16-1; COMP-180; COMP-263; COMP-284; COMP-290; CR23500SE; LSH14; LSH20; LS26500; LS33600; TL-5137; 3B24; and all Saft military batteries.