This OEM Replacement Battery for the Yuasa NPW36-12 meets the exact standards set by the original manufacturer.

YUASA NPW36-12 (HRL1234WF2FR) Battery Replacement

Price: $27.80

Replacement for:YUASA
Battery Model:NPW36-12

The YUASA NPW 36-12 Lead-Acid Replacement Battery.

AKA the HRL1234 / UB1280, this is a perfect replacement battery for many applications and is a direct replacement for the Yuasa NPW36-12, built to meet or exceed original manufacturer's specifications. 


The high-quality and long-lasting ability of lead-acid batteries makes them a great choice for dependability and low-maintenance. 


The YUASA NPW36-12, UB1280, Lead 12-7-250 at!

***This battery is a direct replacement for the Yuasa NPW36-12 battery, as well as the HRL1234W and the HRL1234W2FR.***
UNIVERSAL UB1280 (Npw36-12) SLA Battery Replacement is a strong and long-lasting sealed lead acid battery. 


Dimensions: 5.94 in. (L) x 2.57 in. (W) x 3.82 in. (H)
Connectors: F10.187 connector.



The Universal Power group VRLA battery(Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid battery) is a sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery which does not require regular addition of water and can reduce the likelihood of spilling from vibration or inversion making it perfect for motorcycles, ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles), sailplanes, power wheelchairs, and UPS(uninteruppted power supply) for backup electrical power.

This 12v (volt), 36 cell, 8aH (ampere per hour) sealed battery uses an F1 faston terminal (.187 terminal) and is perfect for replacement applications in:

Un-interruptible power supplies, electric gates, electric fences, garage door backup power supplies, security systems, and mobile medical devices due to its low gas and acid output, low maintenance, and spill-proof quality making them safe for indoor and outdoor use or in close proximity to people and sensitive equipment.


AKA: Npw36-12 lead-12-7-250, Yuasa NPW36-12, UB-1280, UB-1280F1, UB1280 F1.  Also replaces the APC BR700G.

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