SHARP ZAURUS SL-C5000 (PDA-64LI) Battery Replacement

Price: $29.92

Battery Model:ZAURUS SL-C5000

When you need Pda Batteries - AC Adaptors that can put out the power you require then the ZAURUS SL-C5000 SHARP replacement battery is the ideal choice. Man1's process for manufacturing the ZAURUS SL-C5000 is high-tech making it one of the best ZAURUS SL-C5000s on the market today. As well it has been designed and built to meet or outshine the original specs by SHARP. With thousands of batteries to choose from and extremely low prices you'll see why BatteryTex is your one-stop-shop for replacement batteries. Thank you for making BatteryTex your provider of replacement batteries at everyday low prices. Our battery experts are here to give you answers to any questions you may have or to provide you with information on bulk discounts: 1-888-825-6661. Check out our wide selection of Pda Batteries - AC Adaptors batteries here. Browse other terrific products by manufacturer: SHARP Batteries are judged on how strong they are, how long they last and how well they're built. Our batteries meet all of these qualifications and with amazing prices as well! Batteries normally come with a one-year warranty from the maker but certain batteries offer different warranties. Contact us for specifics.