DC-36 - MISCELLANEOUS BATTERIES B3V1A 3v LITHIUM Replacement Battery by BatteryTex

Price: $6.95

Battery Model:B3V1A

Battery Specifications and Description

Replacement for: MISCELLANEOUS BATTERIES    Battery/Item: DC-36
Model/Product: B3V1A    Volts: 3
mAh or Ah:     Composition: LITHIUM
Dimension:     Connector:

Powerful B3V1A replacement for the DC-36 Dog Collar Battery.

At only $6.95 the B3V1A Battery (equivalent) is an amazingly low price for the only battery for use in Digital MS4 & MS5 Ultrasonic/Microsonic Electronic Dog Collars by PowerPet.

B3V1A Battery Replacement for Power Pet MS-4 & MS-5 Electronic Microsonic Dog Collars


The high tech MS-4 & MS-5 Power Pet Microsonic Pet collar battery lasts about 5 months and prevents damage to the circuitry if the battery is installed wrong.


The B3V1A is a High Tech Pet MS-4 equivalent battery and is also a perfect replacement for the MS-5 dog collar. 


1 PER PACK, lithium, 3v battery.


Don't trust your dog's safety to low-performance batteries.  The MS-4 and MS-5 pet colors use microsonic technology, a very resource-intensive circuit.  Our B3V1A replacement battery is built to meet or exceed your original lithium cell, so you can rest easy knowing your dog's collar is well-powered and your best friend is safe.

Introducing the B3V1A Battery (equivalent) - the perfect replacement for the DC-36. Energize your Digital MS4 & MS5 Ultrasonic/Microsonic Electronic Dog Collars by PowerPet with this high-quality lithium battery.

With a voltage of 3, this battery ensures a reliable and long-lasting performance for your electronic dog collars. Though the specific mAh or Ah information is not available, rest assured it is designed to provide efficient power to keep your dog collars working seamlessly.

At the incredible price of $6.95, the B3V1A Battery (equivalent) offers unbeatable value as the perfect battery for your Digital MS4 & MS5 Ultrasonic/Microsonic Electronic Dog Collars by PowerPet.

Say goodbye to battery worries and make the switch to the B3V1A Battery (equivalent). Enjoy the convenience and reliability it brings to your electronic dog collars. Don't miss out on this fantastic deal - get yours now and keep your furry friends safe and happy!

  • Model/Product: B3V1A
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Composition: Lithium

Price: $6.95

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