5533 - DEVILBISS (PULSAIR INC.) Vac-U-Aide 7304A, 7304D 12v 1.2 mAh Replacement Battery by BatteryTex

Price: $27.94

Replacement for:DEVILBISS (PULSAIR INC.)
Battery Model:Vac-U-Aide 7304A, 7304D

Battery Specifications and Description

Replacement for: DEVILBISS (PULSAIR INC.)    Battery/Item: 5533
Model/Product: Vac-U-Aide 7304A, 7304D    Volts: 12
mAh or Ah: 1.2    Composition:
Dimension: DEVILBISS (PULSAIR INC.)    Connector:

DEVILBISS (PULSAIR INC.) Vac-U-Aide 7304A, 7304D Medical Battery Replacement

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