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when strong cordless phone batteries are required - the eb-ul419 ultralast replacement battery is there to do the job. man1's process for manufacturing the eb-ul419 is high-tech making it one of the best eb-ul419s on the market today. it's also built to meet or exceed the original ultralast specs. only the best batteries at the best prices: great replacement batteries, great prices, every day from our battery experts are here to give you answers to any questions you may have or to provide you with information on bulk discounts: 1-888-825-6661. more great brands of cordless phone batteries batteries available here. browse other terrific products by manufacturer: ultralast from their materials to the technology used in manufacture, modern batteries far out-perform their predecessors. warranties for batteries and other products on this site are dependent upon the product and the manufacturer. please contact us with the specific model for warranty information.


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