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RATH 2100-956SN (CUSTOM-77)

Price: $12.72

RATH 7300110 (CUSTOM-77)

Price: $12.72

RATH RP7300110 (CUSTOM-77)

Price: $12.72

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The Rath RP7300110 replacement battery.   The RP7300110 is a 7.2 Volt / 300mah, re-chargeable Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) Battery.


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if you're looking for powerful custom battery packs then the rp7300110 rath replacement is an excellent choice. you can't beat the rp7300110 for it's high-quality construction; built with the best in materials. it has also been guaranteed to equal or out-perform rath's original specifications. batterytex - your source for amazing prices on the best batteries on the market. - known for our wide selection of the top batteries at some of the lowest prices online. want more information or bulk discounts? call us now at 1-888-825-6661. batterytex carries more of these great custom battery packs batteries. view them here now! for more quality, long-lasting products for rath, click here. with better materials and manufacturing processes batteries have become smaller, more efficient and more affordable. one-year warranty on most batteries - from the manufacturer. for specifics or to inquire about a specific product please contact us.