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MOLIFT Power Pac Lift (Insert) (5067-I)

Price: $58.00

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MOLIFT Power Pac Lift (Insert) Medical Battery Replacement

MOLIFT "Smart Model" battery, built to meet or exceed original specifications.

AKA: power pac lift insert 5067-i / molift power pack / powerpac / powerpak  / molift smart 14.4 nicad

molift, a well-known industry leading battery manufacturer, presents the power pac lift (insert) battery replacement. the power pac lift (insert) is made from the ground-up with first-rate materials. equaling or exceeding the original manufacturer's specifications for your equipment at an affordable price is a hallmark of molift., an industry leader in replacement batteries - featuring some of the lowest online rates available. our huge inventory and extra low pricing make us the choice for batteries - call our battery technicians for more detailed information and for bulk discounts: 1-888-825-6661 click here to find other medical batteries batteries. we stock a great selection of items for molift products. click here to see. better materials, modern manufacturing techniques and greater overall efficiency mean better batteries at lower costs. warranties for batteries and other products on this site are dependent upon the product and the manufacturer. please contact us with the specific model for warranty information.

MOLIFT Power Pac Lift (Send in for Retrofit) (5067)

Price: $54.99

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Item Details

Molift Power Pac Battery Replacement

MOLIFT PowerPac Lift Battery is built to meet or exceed the original manufacturer's battery specifications.

This Molift Power Pac battery fits the following models: Molift Quick Raiser battery, Molift SMART 150 battery, and the Molift Mover 180 Battery. 

AKA: power pac lift insert 5067-i / molift power pack / powerpac / powerpak / molift smart 14.4 nicad


***  You must send in your old unit for retro-fit ***

when you need medical batteries that can put out the power you require then the power pac lift (send in for retrofit) molift replacement battery is the ideal choice. the power pac lift (send in for retrofit) is built tough using only the highest-quality materials. it's also guaranteed to meet or exceed the original molift specifications. great replacement batteries, great prices, every day from only the best batteries at the best prices: want more information or bulk discounts? call us now at 1-888-825-6661. save on other medical batteries batteries - search our wide inventory here. need other molift products? try these! with lower costs, better materials, and greater efficiency, batteries now offer more bang for the buck. contact us for more info on our warranties. a normal battery warranty from the manufacturer is for one year.