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The JB-S48 replacement battery by JABRO is designed to provide lasting power and reliability. You can't beat the JB-S48 for it's high-quality construction; built with the best in materials. As well it has been designed and built to meet or outshine the original specs by JABRO. Save time, money and hassle and get your batteries at unbeatable prices at With thousands of batteries to choose from and extremely low prices you'll see why BatteryTex is your one-stop-shop for replacement batteries. We also offer bulk discounts and top-flight Customer Service so drop us a line at 1-888-825-6661. We have a wide selection of Flashlight Batteries batteries available. See them here! View our great selection of items for products by JABRO. Better materials, modern manufacturing techniques and greater overall efficiency mean better batteries at lower costs. Contact us for more info on our warranties. A normal battery warranty from the manufacturer is for one year. 4.8 OZ.

JABRO JB1255 (COM-1155)


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JABRO JB4013 (COM-7144NMH)

Price: $43.25