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DELPHI MEDICAL Portable Tourniquet System (6096)

Price: $30.93

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DELPHI MEDICAL Portable Tourniquet System Medical Battery Replacement when strong medical batteries are required - the portable tourniquet system delphi medical replacement battery is there to do the job. only quality materials are used in every portable tourniquet system produced. as well, delphi medical's original specifications for this product have been equaled or exceeded in performance. thank you for making batterytex your provider of replacement batteries at everyday low prices. with thousands of batteries to choose from and extremely low prices you'll see why batterytex is your one-stop-shop for replacement batteries. give us a call now at 1-888-825-6661 for more information and great deals on this item. if you need another medical batteries battery click here to view our selection. if you want to save more on great batteries from delphi medical - see our selection here. better materials, modern manufacturing techniques and greater overall efficiency mean better batteries at lower costs. contact us for more info on our warranties. a normal battery warranty from the manufacturer is for one year. NULL