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BLUE SKY MEDICAL Vista Versatile 1 Portable Wound Vacuum System (CNH-240AA/1P F8+F7) (6216)

Price: $82.80

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BLUE SKY MEDICAL Medical Battery Replacement when it comes to medical batteries - the vista versatile 1 portable wound vacuum system (cnh-240aa/1p f8+f7) blue sky medical replacement battery provides the power you need when you need it. from high-quality components to high-tech manufacturing processes, blue sky medical delivers on its promise of a quality, lasting vista versatile 1 portable wound vacuum system (cnh-240aa/1p f8+f7). plus the original specs set forth by blue sky medical are met or exceeded. thanks for choosing batterytex for your battery needs. batterytex - your source for amazing prices on the best batteries on the market. give us a call now at 1-888-825-6661 for more information and great deals on this item. browse or search our great inventory of medical batteries batteries here. see more great products by manufacturer: blue sky medical batteries are judged on how strong they are, how long they last and how well they're built. our batteries meet all of these qualifications and with amazing prices as well! manufacturers supply the necessary warranties on batteries that we carry. typical warranties are for 1 year while others change depending on the battery type and the maker. NULL