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all umpc-ultra mobile pc batteries are not created equal. the agopc ago 7 replacement battery is the right choice for those seeking performance and efficiency. man1's process for manufacturing the ago 7 is high-tech making it one of the best ago 7s on the market today. equaling or exceeding the original manufacturer's specifications for your equipment at an affordable price is a hallmark of agopc., an industry leader in replacement batteries - featuring some of the lowest online rates available. - known for our wide selection of the top batteries at some of the lowest prices online. click here to contact us for more information on this product or call us at 1-888-825-6661 batterytex carries more of these great umpc-ultra mobile pc batteries batteries. view them here now! view more from this manufacturer: agopc better materials, modern manufacturing techniques and greater overall efficiency mean better batteries at lower costs. standard battery warranties from the manufacturer are for one year. contact us for more information. *** WHITE ***