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Price: $49.92

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This powerful replacement battery for the Aaronia Spectran HF-606010MHz to 6GHz Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer provides long-lasting and durable power for one of the best RF Spectrum Analyzers on the market. Find the Aaronia Spectran HF-6060 10MHz to 6GHz Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer replacement battery for less at BatteryTex. as far as replacement batteries go the spectran hf-6060 by aaronia ag is designed from the ground up to be powerful and reliable, there for you when you need it. the spectran hf-6060 is made from the ground-up with first-rate materials. as well, aaronia ag's original specifications for this product have been equaled or exceeded in performance. batterytex - your source for amazing prices on the best batteries on the market. save time, money and hassle and get your batteries at unbeatable prices at we also offer bulk discounts and top-flight customer service so drop us a line at 1-888-825-6661. if you need another misc batteries battery click here to view our selection. more in-stock items for aaronia ag products. enhanced efficiency, power and longevity make today's batteries better and more cost-effective for consumers. if you want to know about the warranty on a certain battery simply contact us with the battery's part number. use our toll-free number or contact for to reach out to us. 6.2 OZ.