APPLE M5545LL/C (LAP-44) Battery Replacement

Price: $139.00

Replacement for:APPLE
Battery Model:M5545LL/C

Laptop - Desktop Batteries are not all the same so when you choose the M5545LL/C (replacement for APPLE) you choose durability and strength. The M5545LL/C is constructed with performance and quality in mind. Also the original specifications set forth by APPLE have been met or surpassed. With thousands of batteries to choose from and extremely low prices you'll see why BatteryTex is your one-stop-shop for replacement batteries. Search our huge database of replacement batteries, chargers and accessories and save on both price and shipping. Our battery experts are here to give you answers to any questions you may have or to provide you with information on bulk discounts: 1-888-825-6661. Click here to find other Laptop - Desktop Batteries batteries. More in-stock items for APPLE products. With better materials and manufacturing processes batteries have become smaller, more efficient and more affordable. Most all of our batteries have a one year warranty unless otherwise specified. Please feel free to contact us for actual battery warranty information.