IBM PS/1 386 (COMP-32 SANYO) Battery Replacement

Price: $0.82

Replacement for:IBM
Product:COMP-32 SANYO
Battery Model:PS/1 386

For a strong and lasting battery replacement the PS/1 386 by IBM is built to last and be there when you need it. From high-quality components to high-tech manufacturing processes, IBM delivers on its promise of a quality, lasting PS/1 386. Also it has been developed to meet or out-perform IBM's original specifications. Only the best batteries at the best prices: Search our huge database of replacement batteries, chargers and accessories and save on both price and shipping. Click here to contact us for more information on this product or call us at 1-888-825-6661 We have a wide selection of Laptop - Desktop Batteries batteries available. See them here! We stock a great selection of items for IBM products. Click here to see. Batteries should be built with the best components and should be highly rated in terms of quality and efficiency. Contact us for more info on our warranties. A normal battery warranty from the manufacturer is for one year.